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Chel. 20. Geologist. Punologist. Cis (she/her/hers). Ace ♤. X-Men. Les Mis. Avengers. Merlin. Cosplay. Star Trek. Homestuck. Game of Thrones. Probably in that order.

The Many Names of Benedict Cumberbatch

If he was a kleptomaniac, he’d be Benedict Cumbersnatch.
If he played baseball, he’d be Benedict Cumbercatch.
If he was good at clinging to things, he’d be Benedict Cumberlatch.
If he was colour coordinated, he’d be Benedict Cumbermatch.
If he was used for covering holes, he’d be Benedict Cumberpatch.
If he was capable of laying eggs, he’d be Benedict Cumberhatch.
If he tried to pronounce German words in an American accent, he’d be Benedict Cumbereichenbach.